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Monday, July 27, 2020

“Look, I can do i...Oh shit...SPLASH!” (Faster bath ever, hahaha)

Hilarious cat GIF • Clumsy jumps in aquarium: SPLASH! Huge mistake & fastest bath ever!
“haha, what did you expect, crazy cat?”
“A very very very quick bath.”
“Poor cat.”
“Poor fish.”
“Poor pets.”
“Poor thing, Ι shouldn’t be laughing but I do...” 😁 hahaha
“Those fish was like “DAFUQ?!”
“How it jumped out!
“Nice swim, good reflexes!”
“Looked like jumping jack splash!”
“I have made a huge (and wet) mistake!”
“I bet he realize he made a big fat wrong decision afterward.” 😂
“Than you kitty, now the floor is lava!”

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