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Monday, June 29, 2020

Top 25 Best Cinemagraphs (CATmagraphs)

A 'Cinemagraph' is an ARTistic image that combines still photography with active video to create a new 'picture' that contains a small moving element while the rest of the image remains perfectly still or frozen, in order to get a comical or amazing effect.

Cinemagraphs are more than a photo but not quite a video. The term 'Cinemagraph' was coined by U.S. photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who used a new technique to animate their fashion and news photographs beginning in early 2011. An amazing new medium was born.

We use two different techniques to create our Cinemagraphs. In general our Cinemagraphs are made by taking a cat video, freezing a more or less important part of the video and just keeping a part animated. But sometimes we take a still cat photography and we add a minor and repeated movement, forming a funny or weird animated cat GIF (.gif) 

We call our Cinemagraphs with cats  >> 'CATmagraphs', hehe 😋   
In random order
Click on GIFs to enlarge

Click on GIFs to enlarge

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Crazy Cat trying to kill a tennis ball."Must die!"
Cinemagraph • Angry cat
trying to kill a tennis ball

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Ginger cat under pink blanket bobbing his head
Cinemagraph • Ginger cat
under his pink blanket

Art Cat GIF with caption • Cinemagraph • Infinite loop • Hot twerking funny Siamese Cat is a Butt wiggle Master
Cinemagraph • Funny Siamese
cat is a butt wiggle Master!
(That's hot)

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Infinite loop • Crazy Maru trying to catch invisible water in the sink
Cinemagraph • Crazy Maru trying to
catch invisible water in the sink.

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • "Gonna catch that fuck*ng fly, sooner or later!"
Cinemagraph • Funny motionless
Siamese cat with nervous tail

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Thirsty Cat drinking fresh water from the faucet
Cinemagraph • Thirsty cat drinking
 fresh water from faucet

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph •  Psycho Cat looking at himself in the mirror
Cinemagraph • Psycho cat
looking at himself in the mirror 

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Talkative Cat feels alone because bro.exe has stopped working
Cinemagraph • Talkative cat feels alone

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • "C'mon Kitty, play with your new toy!" fucks given, haha
Cinemagraph • "C'mon Kitty,
play with your new toy!"

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Only ears move body staying still
Cinemagraph • Only ears move,
body staying purrfectly impassive

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Funny Cat GIF • Furious Bull rabbit vs. sleepy Cat. And not single f*ck was given that day...
Not single f*ck was given
that day. Poor bunny...

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Lieutenant Commander Data in Star Trek playing with his beloved cat, "Spot"
Cinemagraph • Lieutenant Commander
'Data' playing with 'Spot'

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Cat sitting on TV mesmerized by Katy Perry funny faces
Cinemagraph • Cat mezemerized by
Katy Perry making ugly funny faces

Art Cat GIF • Double cinemagraph • Two lazy Cats wagging their tails one after another
Double Cinemagraph • Two lazy
cats taking a nap in a weird
position & wagging their tails

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Funny sleepy cat looking at camera moves only right ear
Cinemagraph • Cute kitty looking at
camera, moving only his right ear

Art Cat GIF • Famous Albert Baby Cat proudly wearing his new Wig Funny and weird

Cinemagraph • Funny 'Albert'
wearing an amazing wig

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Funny Cat lying on his back. Nap time and warm spot
Cinemagraph • Funny relaxed cat
resting on his back like a human

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Do not disturb a sleepy Cat. "Wake up lazy Cat, I’m talking to you!" Zzzz... Zzzz... (No fucks given)
Cinemagraph • “Wake up lazy
Cat, I’m talking to you!”

Art Cat GIF • Double cinemagraph GIF with two Shironeko Cats wearing Mac Do hats
Cinemagraph • 2 cats bobbing
heads one after another...

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Woman with hair blowing in the wind loves sleepy Cat, BatCat and Hello Kitty
Cinemagraph • Woman with long
 hair blowing in the wind loves
♥ kittens and cats

Art Cat GIF • Haha kitty, look at these ugly funny faces on TV. “WHAT? Funny face? Where?”
Cinemagraph • Ugly woman
making funny faces.

Art  Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Pawsome blinking light Cat. That's the Zen cattitude
Cinemagraph • Beautiful and
 proud 'blinking light' Cat

Art Cat GIF • Siamese cat totally fascinated by woman shaking her big boobs
Cinemagraph • Cat totally fascinated
by woman shaking her big boobs

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Hungry chick tries to eat sleepy cat ear. Birds are crazy and STUBBORN!
Cinemagraph • Crazy chick 
tries to eat sleepy cat's ear!

Art cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Cat mesmerized by his weird reflection in the mirror
Cat mesmerized by his own black
& white reflection in the mirror

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • White kitten bobbing his head in Mom's arms.
Cinemagraph • White kitten in
girl's arms bobbing her head

Christmas Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Blinking Santa Cat is blinking among 4 other Santa Cats
Cinemagraph • Winking Santa cat
is winking repetitively

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Human baby sleeping with head on cat belly. It's a warm and soft pillow...
Cinemagraph • Baby sleeping on
sleepy cat just wagging its tail

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph GIF • Cat lapping blue cocktail drinks. "Me gusta very mucho."
Cinemagraph • Cat lapping
delicious cocktail drinks

Art Cat GIF • Cinemagraph • Woman scratching Ginger  tabby Cat's head
Cinemagraph • Girl scratching
her cat's head
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